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gmdesign is the business of Garth Morley, an independent design consultant with over 25 years experience creating visual communications. All work is reinforced with strategic and conceptual marketing rationale and designed to speak clearly with one voice. Clients appreciate his ability to listen – as well as his tendency to question.

His role is to guide, to advise and develop your particular project or projects, ultimately assisting in communicating and building the value of your business and its image. He provides information, exercise judgement and works to develop new ideas and solutions for your particular needs.

gmdesign's approach is collaborative and hands on. We focus on achieving your objectives, and design practical, sustainable solutions using the most appropriate media, processes and resources. We can design and build everything from websites to corporate branding, presentations and printed communication materials.

Visual communication cannot be seen as a surface reflection but an immersion point for multiple and simultaneous experiences.

Design Consultant - visual communications

Working with small to medium businesses, Garth Morley takes the time to understand your strengths and potential and prepare practical and innovative design strategies that will connect your business to customers, using a combination of traditional and online marketing, website design and social media. Ideal for businesses looking for increased sales performance and improved brand visibility.

His focus is on building a design strategy that not only works for your business, but is sustainable, manageable and most importantly effective.

Brand Identity Design

Garth Morley believes the key to a strong, memorable brand, is simplicity. Your brand identity is not just a logo, it’s the visual language holding your brand together. The quality of your brand needs to be maintained across printed materials and digital platforms alike. After a new brand identity has launched, it's important to monitor and care for it, as it's a living and breathing thing that interacts with your customers.

Think Creative.
Understand. Visualise. Deliver.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. [Seth Godin]

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"I have over 25 years of visual communication experience. I was employed for 15 years as a Graphic Designer / Publishing Consultant for a Tasmanian publishing company across the areas of print and web development.

My previous roles have encompassed: Systems Manager: Pre Press Bureau; Managing and Creative Director: Boutique Design Studio; Art Director/Studio Manager: Nationally aligned Advertising Agency; and freelance designer."

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